Chickens / Chicks
An oil painting of a bunch of baby chicks playfully hopping out of a small leather-bound box onto the hay covered surface.
Chickens / Chicks
Oil on Canvas
11 x 17 inches

“Chickens/Chicks” depicts a bountiful basket filled with baby chicks that have somehow managed to open the top of their container.  A few adventurous ones have made their way out to freedom where they have already begun to explore their new world.  Others have hopped onto the brim of the basket as they contemplate whether or not to take the four-inch leap of faith over the side.  And finally, there are the remnant few remaining in the “safety” of what is familiar to them…watching to see what happens before they even consider breaching their barrier.  Ironically, these three groups of chicks bear close resemblance to the nature of their human captors.  It seems each one of us would fall into one of those personality types.

The artist of this exquisite piece is unknown but clearly excelled in their craft.  There is an “Old World” feel conveyed by this painting with its deep, rich hues serving to create beautiful color harmony.  The viewer will find they’ve been invited to come in the barn, grab a bale of hay, and have a seat to watch as these chicks decide what their next move in life will be.

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