Kraig Kiedrowski - Class Description

Kraig Kiedrowski Instructor
June 10th - July 29th 2019
8 classes / $275
$100 deposit required

This is a life drawing class. All drawing will be from live models mostly nude. We may occasionally work from clothed models or inanimate subjects but all our work will be directly observed.

The human body is a dynamic unit made up of a myriad of forms. How to get this down on paper is the challenge.

Learning to see what is in front of you is the key. Sometimes what we see and what we think we see come into conflict. The act of drawing from life sharpens our observational powers. There is no substitute for this.

Exercises in gesture drawing contour drawing continuous line and overlapping shapes are a means to this end. Studying and understanding anatomy helps us to see underlying forms and how they affect the surface forms.

Use of media individual expression and a challenging pace will set the tone of the class.

Demos and individual instruction will be given by the instructor.
Beginning experienced and intermediate students welcome.