Richie Vios
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Born and raised in Cebu City, Philippines, Richie N. Vios hails from an artistic family where even his father, brothers, and sister also paint. Studying architecture, in 1995 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree and started immediately as a faculty member, teaching architectural design and presentation for the next seven years while also establishing himself as a newly-licensed architect. With a loving wife and young children, in 2004 they decided to leave the Philippines in hopes of a better future in America, initially settling down in the U.S. state of Florida as permanent residents. For the next five years, he worked closely as an architectural design associate at a local architectural firm, until his family decided to move again to the city of Baltimore, Maryland, up north on the same eastern coast.

Seeking to introduce more western architectural concepts in Southeast Asia, Richie returned to the Philippines by himself to share, develop, and construct many of the things he had learned first-hand from America. During the next five years there, in his spare time he refined and honed down a unique mastery of watercolor painting evident in all of his art to this day. In the summer of 2017 his family would move back down to the South, this time in the lone star state, and after being away from them so long he made sure to be there for them in Victoria, Texas. Here in the lovely crossroads city of Victoria, that’s where he knew he could passionately chase after the American dream again not just for himself as a watercolor impressionist, but for his family, and for anyone who is touched and inspired by art anywhere in the world.

Currently  based on Austin, Texas , USA  and conducts watercolor workshop all over the world.

Richie Vios - Casa Rio
Richie Vios
16 x 13
Richie Vios - Oddly Weird Things!
Oddly Weird Things!
Richie Vios
11 x 14
A painting of the riverwalk titled Before Sunset by Riche Vios
Before Sunset
Richie Vios
Watercolor on Paper
11 x 14 inches