Randall Cogburn
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Oil painter, Randall Kirby Cogburn, is an American Impressionist. A Texas native who enjoys it’s landscapes, coastal scenes, urban cities, and portraits he paints. He paints on location and in his Austin, TX based studio. His impressionistic paintings are inspired by what he sees on site, recreating a scene with his own brush marks, color choices, and different techniques learned from thousands of paintings he has created. His start in art began from sketching on location, which lead to watercolor studies and paintings, and then a more direct method of painting using oils where he then honed his painting and started showing in galleries.  A national award-winning artist with paintings in private and public collections. His paintings are seen in Galleries in Texas.

Crisp Morning
Randall Cogburn
Oil on Panel
9 x 12 "
Crossing the Riverwalk Art Piece available at Hindes Fine Art Gallery
Crossing the River Walk
Randall Cogburn
Oil on Linen
11 x 14 inches