Kathy Anderson
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“My passion for painting is rooted in my garden.  I strive to translate my excitement about the experience of growth, light, and translucent colors from the earth to my canvas.  Nature has always spoken to me whether it is the rushing of a waterfall or the burst of new green in the Spring. I am awed by the beauty around me and I love to share my vision through my paintings.”

In 2001 Kathy was invited to join a group of painters under the tutelage of the renowned artist, Richard Schmid.  This opportunity renewed and revitalized her work and began a period of intense focus and rapid growth.  Painting for these last 10 years with Schmid, his wife Nancy Guzik, and the group which has become known as the Putney Painters has provided invaluable support and inspiration.

The vision that she bestows on us with every brush stroke comes from a lifetime of intimate contact with nature.  Along with her passion for nature and the interconnectedness of the natural world she is also an avid gardener and spends many pleasurable hours close to the flowers that she paints so magnificently.  This close contact with her favorite subject provides her with not just a structural knowledge of flowers but a true love for the flowers, weeds, dirt and detritus of a natural, healthy garden.

Kathy believes in painting from life whenever possible and carries her paints on her frequent travels.   While she believes that a well trained artist is able to paint anything skillfully, she has found that the intensity and emotion in her painting flows from her love of her subjects, whether still life, garden, figure, or the intimate landscape.
Kathy says, “I view the world with a painter’s eye, finding paintings in all of my everyday experiences and travels.”