Bouquet with Periwinkle
Laura Robb
Bouquet with Periwinkle
Laura Robb
Oil on Linen
10 x 18 inch

“Bouquet with Periwinkle”, by artist Laura Robb, is a 10″ x 18″ oil on linen painting rendered in her typical impressionistic style, utilizing palette knives and judicious brush strokes, featuring an intricate and densely packed still-life. Scarcely a portion of her canvas is bereft of detail, and even the shadows and negative space are rich with information.

Laura Robb grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and entered Art Student’s Academy there at the age of sixteen. In 1974 she moved to New York City to study with Michael Aviano. After returning to the southwest she studied drawing with Ned Jacob and received critiques from Richard Schmid. Since moving to Taos, New Mexico in 1986, Robb’s art travels have taken her to France, Spain, Guatemala, and across the United States. She has exhibited in numerous group and solo shows and her paintings have received many awards, most notably the John F. and Anna Lee Stacy Scholarship.



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Grumbacher Gold Medal — Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club 1986

John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship  1991

Liquitex Award — Oil Painter’s of America 1996

People’s Choice Award –Western Rendezvous of Art 2010


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